When I was a young girl my Grandmother took me to Japan to meet my Great Grandmother before she passed away at the age of 104.  It is a memory etched into my mind forever. I entered her hospital room and it was filled from ceiling to floor, wall to wall, with origami cranes. My Great Grandmother was blind at that point, but through familarity and touch, she continued to fold paper cranes. 

It was then I learned about legend of The Thousand Paper Cranes.  In my culture it is believed that if you fold 1000 paper cranes God will grant you a wish; be it long life, good fortune for your family, or entrance into heaven. I don't know what my Great Grandmother's wish was. I don't know if she folded 1000 paper cranes before she passed over. However, I do know that the entire time I was there her hands did not stop folding. This made a great impression on my heart. No matter what ... keep folding.
It has been my dream to have an art gallery, where all forms of art by all walks of life will be welcome. I plan to regard each exposition as it's own paper crane. In the end, I hope to have given 1000 paper cranes to this world. This Digital Gallery is my first fold ... 

Copyright 2017  - All Rights Reserved | All art below is created by Corinna Delgado. No recreation or publication, digital or otherwise is permitted without written consent. 
  1. Go DJ
    Go DJ
  2. Justin Bua
    Justin Bua
  3. My Chucks
    My Chucks
  4. Selfie
  5. Swim Good
    Swim Good
  6. Frida
  7. Garbo
  8. iRobot
  9. Jean Paul
    Jean Paul
  10. Love North
    Love North
  11. Maleficent
  12. Monkey Business
    Monkey Business
  13. Orisha
  14. Wise
  15. Pac
  16. Priestess
  17. Purple Hendrix
    Purple Hendrix
  18. Queen Bee
    Queen Bee
  19. Love Deluxe
    Love Deluxe
  20. Tangled